Friday, May 25, 2007

Eco Living Expo

If you're interested in helping our environment and want to see products or be informed on being more eco friendly then come along.
We have a Timbercrete exhibit there, so if you're coming, let us know! If you let me know early enough I might also be able to get a 2 for 1 discount for you as well. Should be great! Also doing a talk spot on alternative building products - Timbercrete :)

Time flies when your just flat out!

Well, haven't had much time to think or write lately. Up to my eyeballs in bricks and study and kids sport. All good though. Some good orders in for bricks and some good fun watching kids do well at sport.
The big bosserooni came over from the big smoke and he kept us busy. Such a humble, Godly man. You know the type of people you love to be in the presence of? Well he's one of them.
Brod's is playing for the South Adelaide U/13's Country Development squad at the moment as well as for his school team. He played a ripper on Tuesday night against west although the team were pummeled. The school team he plays in and I coach is going great guns. We haven't won a game by less than 10 goals yet. Last week was 147-20. The team is really gelling and they all seem to be really enjoying each other's company and are learning a fair bit about life and footy.
Girls had gymnastics comp last weekend and they all did well. All of their teams came first and Kirra's has had an approach from an elite team but we don't think it will be happening.
Big week ahead of more sport and more bricks and then we're off to the Eco Show.