Saturday, February 21, 2015

Building our own home . . . . . .

So, we have a block of land in Strathalbyn SA and we're considering building on it now. We have just been to the bank and they will loan us the $ so the process begins. The problem we have in front of us is that we would like to Owner-Build to an extent but also need the bank to supply the $ and this combination sometimes doesn't quite work, so we'll see. We have some contacts but will have to work out that first obstacle.

The Block, nice and flat!!
Our block of Land runs east west and is long and thin so the idea is to use the orientation of the living rooms to the North side. We are also going for a skillion roof design that will let plenty of light in and warmth in winter but keep the sun off with fairly wide eaves to the north in summer. We are hoping then that our energy costs will be pretty low, using passive design to work for us.

Insulation wise we are going for the 360 Series 100mm thick Timbercrete blocks in double-brick around the externals of the home with some 150-200mm blocks for some internal's as well as some timber-frame / plasterboard walls to break up the look a bit and for ease of partitioning some area's. Timbercrete in winter will also act as a good Thermal mass for holding and releasing warmth in winter

So, that's a start, it'll be a long journey but if you're keen to follow our progress then tune in. I'll probably post on my personal fb page as well as the Timbercrete page.

Feel free to make comments anywhere or suggestions / questions if you have any . . . . . . . be back soon with our first concept designs.