Thursday, August 31, 2006


I've always said that if you're struggling to figure out someone's view on the bible about something, like a church's view point on worship then look at the life of Jesus and see how they / it fits. So a question . . . . . how many times in scripture do we see Jesus singing worship to God?
Goin to BH (guess the abbreviation) for the weekend for a gymnastics comp, yep I've been workin on my Pummel horse! I'll get back to this blog after giving you some time to think about it, Catch ya, Glenno.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Is the Local Christian Church in Australia totally IRRELEVANT?

On my previous post on religion was a comment from a simply stupendous human being wondering whether the local church as it is, is actually a relevant institution to help the every day person find a relationship with Jesus. My opinion on this is going to take some time, so sit back. Firstly we need to go to what actually is the church. To do that I'll go to the word. The greek word 'Ecclesia' is the most common word used that is translated to the english word church. This word means 'a gathering of the called out ones'. Two things here, 'gathering' coming together as a group of people and 'called out' - set apart for some purpose. The word wasn't just used for Christians at the time of biblical authorship, it was also used for other groups eg the Jewish community. Another greek word translated to the word 'church' in scripture is Kuriakos which means 'belonging to the Lord' if you put these two together it does describe the Christian church well; a gathering of the called out ones who belong to the Lord.

This I believe is the church in it's purest form.

Now . . Imagine a church, like this, under persecution from the Roman empire, like death to those who call someone other than Caesar Lord. Suddenly this gathering together takes on a whole new meaning. It's about love, support, encouragement, teaching, unity and community. Actually sounds inviting, challenging, believing in something so much that you were willing to risk your life to meet together. That's cool.

How does that measure up to the local church you know?

Well, the early church was extremely simple wasn't it? Somewhere along the line some bits were added to this community that shaped it to what it is today. Most of all what I see today is the worship of church itself rather than gathering to worship God and encourage each other. By worship I don't just mean singing and music I mainly mean where our time goes. My philosophy is that where most of our time goes is what we worship. But we've become so programmed, so engrained in the processes of this church worship that we've become creatures of habit rather than people of true worship.
So . . . Does this mean that the local church is down the gurgler, has bit the bulldust, gone with the wind? Er . . . no I don't think so. There are people all over the world who have a heart for God and they are the local church. Within them is the heart of the Father whose heart yearns for the nations. Does it mean it can stay like it is? Er . . . No I don't think so!!! If the church is going to truly impact this current generation we must reinvent ourselves and get back to the simplicity of what it means to be a called out people for the purposes of Jesus Christ. If this means that the church just meets together, to encourage, to support, to love then there's a great start. How that happens? I dunno and I don't really care but lets get away with trying to build our church, lets get away with doing things just because we do them all the time, and lets be about Loving God and Loving people and lets do that together. Lets not be so concerned with who's in and lets look out!
But also, one last thing, followers of Jesus Christ need to remember that we were not saved to be confined in church walls. The ecclesia was not a place it is a people group. We are saved not to do church we are saved to love people like Christ loved and with the power of His Spirit. The Ecclesia was just the group the individuals were associated with. My marriage is with Christ not with the church, Christ is the bridegroom remember? Don't get me wrong I don't mean don't go to a local church, lets just get first things first. Love ya's

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Well, I have some really exciting news!!! Your comments have now been posted!!!!! Now I'm sure that you thought that it was all pointless writing all those words and having nothing come back or seen or commented on. I can assure you it had nothing to do with what you wrote that those comments weren't posted and thre is a really simple explanation . . . . MY STUPIDITY!!! There is a little box on the setup thing that tells you to moderate comments???? Did I check it??????? . . . . Nup! Have I checked it now? . . . Yep! Thanks heaps for your comments, I can see this Blog being a very healthy place for discussion if the moderator gets his Butt into gear. Love you lots, Glenno

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why Pastor's are Leaving the Local Church

Hey all,
I was given this in an email just today and it was really interesting. Now I'm not a big one for naming / boxing stuff like 'last days church' etc that you will find in the article but in essence there is some considerable truth to it and it's worth a read.
I'm interested to know your thoughts also,


An article written by Terry Sommerville.

Over the past year or so, I've been contacted by a number of friends, telling me they are no longer pastors of local churches. What's interesting is, their stories all have recurring themes.

1. Not one of them has fallen away from the faith. Some have various stages of "church burnout", but they are increasingly passionate for Jesus. Some noted a "divine discontent" about local church ministry that wasn't there ten years ago.

2. They were all growing steadily frustrated trying to fulfil the great commission in their local church. Even though they were the pastors, they kept hitting some sort of barrier to bringing about change.

3.They are all experiencing powerful moves of God in various "mini-movements" outside of the local church.

4. They grew increasingly convinced that the front line of Kingdom ministry was no longer inside the walls of their churches, but in the marketplace. (Not just businesses, but the sphere of influence Christians have in every aspect of the community)

5. Even though they encouraged their churches or denominations to embrace what God was doing, there came a point where faithfulness to God meant they had to leave the local church ministry to continue.

6. They don't know what to do right now, except some sort of work to pay the bills. But there is a great sense that something new is emerging and they don't want to miss out.

7. They continue as leaders and five fold ministers set in the body of Christ. Christians continue to seek them out for ministry!

A few years ago my wife, Karen, had a startling vision. She was standing at the edge of a great green land stretched out before her. In her arms was a bundle of rolled up maps. The Lord said to her "You might as well throw away the maps, you are going into a new land and no one has been here before."

According to revival researcher Alistair Petrie, this trend is a world wide phenomena. We are coming through an amazing transition into the last days church. There are no maps for this, only for our relationship to the Lord and each other. We are seeing some indicators of whats coming in the end times church. Let me share a few things I see developing.

1. Christianity is shifting from the head to the heart. Being "in love with Jesus" is replacing doctrinal statements as the distinctive trait of Christians in the end times church.

2. The Body Of Christ is becoming based on relationships rather than organization. Friendship is more important than membership.

3. True spiritual leadership will operate through honour rather than control.

4. God's love anointing (His presence and power in us) will replace the spiritual performance mentality (my ability in the spirit) as the source of Christian life and ministry.

5. The Great Commission is replacing the denominational "mission statement" as the believers goal. We are realizing God is not obligated to our mission statements, but always backs up His!

6. Christians are finding their individual ministries in spiritual "mini movements". These movements have become the front line for advancing the Kingdom of God. This is the beginning of the "nameless, faceless revival' prophesied so many times.

7. Local churches that facilitate mini-movements will be blessed and flourish. The vision will be "taking the Kingdom out" to change the world, rather than "bringing the people in" to grow the church.

8. The end times church will "use buildings and organizations and have events", but will never serve these idols again. Only Jesus Christ is Lord.

9. Christians again understand "Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand" and communicate it with relevance everywhere.

Source: Open

July 2006

Monday, August 07, 2006

Spaghetti Up The Nose

Have you ever had something to eat and whatever you're eating has gone up you nasal tube the back way? Well I have and it's not a good feeling and it takes a bit of the old hacking to get it out and not choke when it does.
Well . . . tonight we had Spaghetti for tea and Brod's had that happen to him only he didn't hack it out and re-eat it, he blew it out of his nose! This was no tiny bit of Spaghetti mind you, it was about 40mm (1.5 inch's) not a bad effort and it had us in stitch's. The pic above shows the evidence.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

God and Government

Hi all, click on the above link and fill in what you think.