Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, been a while since the last post so thought I'd scribble because of avoidance to other tasks while eating a toasted ham sandwich.
So we sold the block of land so that's cool. Hopefully we'll get another one soon but we might just hang off and see what then interest rates do. This means I'm getting a new car. A Holden Crewman, I love it and should have it in a couple of days.
I'm hanging for footy to start. I've landed a position as coach of McLaren U14's after sitting an interview in front of a panel of 7 people. I've never had a job interview with that many people and this isn't even paid! I also can't wait for the Power to start playing again. New faces and players, new fitness coach and Josh Carr back (Thanks Mark) should be a good year in 2009.
Spoke and sang at NCCC last Sunday A.M and if there's anything I miss at times from the Institutional style of church it's the Singing and Preaching. All in God's time though.
Otherwise, business is a tad slow but am hopeful of it picking up in the new year.
That's about all for now.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pagan Christianity; where it hits the road

Here's an excerpt from Pagan Christianity, I love it! I think it's the type of gathering when we meet together that we're discovering and want to pursue. See what you think. . . .

Pg 78 - "What I have written about open meetings under the headship of Christ is not fanciful theory. I have participated in such meetings for the last nineteen years.
Such meetings are marked by incredible variety. They are not bound to a one-man, pulpit-dominated pattern of worship. There is a great deal of spontaneity, creativity, and freshness. The overarching hallmark of these meetings is the visible headship of Christ and the free yet orderly functioning of the body of Christ. I was in such a meeting not too long ago. Let me describe it to you.
About thirty of us gathered together in a home and greeted one another. Some of us stepped into the center of the living room and began singing a capella. Quickly, the entire church was singing in unison, arms around one another. Someone else began another song, and we all joined in. Between each song, prayers were uttered by different people. Some of the songs had been written by the members themselves. We sang several of the songs several times. Some people turned the words of the songs into prayers. On several occasions, a few of the members exhorted the church in relation to what we had just sung.
After we sang, rejoiced, spontaneously prayed, and exhorted one another, we sat down. Then, very quickly, a woman stood and began explaining what the Lord had showed her during the week. She spoke for about three minutes. After she sat down, a man stood up and shared a portion of Scripture and exalted the Lord Jesus through it. Next another gentleman stood up to add a few very edifying words to what he said. A woman then broke into a new song that went right along with what the two men had just shared. The whole church sang with her. Another woman stood and read a poem that the Lord had given her during the week . . . and it meshed perfectly with what the others had shared up to that point.
One by one, brothers and sisters in Christ stood up to tell us what they had experienced in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that week. Exhortations, teaching, encouragements, poems, songs, and testimonies all followed one right after the other. And a common theme, one that revealed the glories of Jesus Christ, emerged. Some of those gathered wept.
None of this was rehearsed, prescribed, or planned. Yet the meeting was electric. It was so rich, so glorious, and so edifying that it became evident to everyone that someone was indeed leading the meeting. But He was not visible. It was the Lord Jesus Christ! His headship was being made manifest among His people. We were reminded again that He in fact is alive … alive enough to direct His Church."

We experienced this on Sunday as God lead us in great discussion on community, on what it means to love each other, on being the parts of the body. It started with some delving into His word with simple application and then it was discussed and really struggled with for over an hour. What I loved most is that it really hit home what it means to be the body and we all went away very affected and challenged to the point that we can't not do something about it. That to me this is learning and teaching and I didn't have to just sit there in rows of seats listening to someone . . . .

Monday, September 08, 2008

Nice Balls!!

The fella's at Enabled have come up with an awesome application for the iphone. If I get an iphone I'm getting me some of these!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Aldinga Beach Land for Sale

Fantastic piece of land, perfect for the lover of country life and the coast. A big 1224m2 block, great for shedding and room to swing a cat or two.
Not even 5 minutes to the beach and close to shops etc this is a great buy!
Get it now and I'll throw in some steak knives!LINK

Monday, June 30, 2008

Agree to Disagree??

I was reading Philippians 2 last night at our gathering and something jumped out at me that I hadn't really noticed before. In the NLT it reads in vs 2 "Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one heart and purpose."
Then the phrase came to me from times past 'it's ok to agree to disagree'. . . Paul, here in Philippians, was trying to get the people to unite and stop arguing, it displeased him and obviously it seems to not be the ideal reflection of the body of Christ. After all Jesus says in John 15 I think, something like, my desire is that they (the disciples / followers) would be one as we (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)are one. Because of this verse in Philippians i'm now questioning that phrase, agreeing to disagree, i think it may be a cop-out. I have seen the destruction of disagreeance and from that, disharmony and then the destruction of relationships. On the other hand I have seen what it is like to be a part of a community that agree with each other in heart and purpose. The harmony the relationship, the fact that you can move on as a group and not be just putting out spotfires of disagreeance etc. Does this mean that in everything about life the community need to agree? Well I reckon that could be boring, maybe robotic, maybe cultish. On the core parts of that community though, maybe to agree to disagree isn't good enough. Maybe it should be worked out until agreeance has been settled? Let's face it if this Tiger and this man can agree not to kill each other, maybe we could learn to try and agree on less important things and move forward in love and harmony?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

New Blog


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Can't believe it's been a year since the last Eco Living Expo. This show was very good for us this last year, if this year is as good or better that would be great!
So if you're in the area come along! See many green and eco products, such as Timbercrete and help this Earth of ours stay around a bit longer.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bring it on!!!!

Carbon-Negative Building with Timbercrete®

Great article HERE on building homes that leave a Negative Carbon footprint. Many building products such as clay bricks, use a huge amount of carbon gas to manufacture and then may also not give the home any better thermal benefits or long term energy savings. It pays to look into the products that we use everyday just to see what it takes to manufacture and then how much impact it has on our environment to use.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Being a community of faith

In being a part of an institutional style of church for many years I have come to understand that for many who may attend on a Sunday the church is just that . . . Sunday. Unless of course there are meetings to attend beyond that day.
This makes me concerned about what it means to be a faith community or community of faith.
This of course is what many churches may have been called or known by but I would probably say that it isn't a very true reflection of what the church really is.
We talked about this on Sunday and discussed what our church community would look like if we all lived by faith in God everyday. What does that look like as a community of people? What would it mean to not just fit into the world but to live by faith in God that he is the provider and that he is the total leader. That we don't just do our work, go here, go there because we have always done it but we give our time to what / who God is leading us to. That we don't just spend our $ on whatever we normally may but that everything we had was considered as God's and for His purpose.
What sort of an impact would this type of community have on a broader community?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Timbercrete at the Home Living Expo

Timbercrete Adelaide South had a great weekend at the Home Living Expo this last weekend. Many future possibilities and leads that could be very exciting.
Sorry for not posting lately, been flat out!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Transperancy and Analysis

If only Businesses, Churches, maybe even as people we had analysis like this! There is something about the honesty here and self evaluation that is really good. Some of us don't cope too well with being transperant and allowing others to help us to grow but it seems a footy club is heading in the right direction here. Makes me wonder if there are many things that could be adopted to church life and life in general.
Here's a snippet of what I'm talking about:
"We have a guy by the name of Tim Hart who is employed to sit in the box with the aim, purely, of improving us as coaches.

Before the game, Tim comes into the rooms and senses what the mood is like, how he feels the players are receiving what the coaches are saying and how the players are responding to it.

He listens to our communication in the box and looks at the rotations each coach calls. Tim also assesses how productive we are, how we use statistics and how reactive and clear in thought we are.
Full Article

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Power Disaster!

Four losses in a row! We were 47 points up near three quarter time. Too arrogant. Time for some newbies. My Hunch: Out goes Westhoff and Ebert, Thomas out injured for a few weeks. So, in comes White or Willits, Robbie Gray and Adam Thompson. Something has to happen from an effort like that!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


These blogs have had me thinking about prayer and the usual styles of what we've done in the past. It's been great to read. We've started experimenting with prayer in these ways in our own group and as individuals. I'm really excited about what this means in deepening our relationship with God. Check em out.
and Here

Buildings and Wages in Western Church?

The Christian church has created a bit of an issue I believe and that is the drain that buildings and wages has on its purpose.
It's pretty much common knowledge in church circles that the larger percentage of a church's resources / funds, are spent on the inner goings on of church itself. When I was in a formal ministry role, something like 40% of all income was spent on the pastor's wages. It raises questions for me and the validity of paid pastors. What also is an issue is the dollars spent on buildings, maintenance, technology etc so that a church stays functional.
I have to question whether this money spent really fulfills the purpose of church. Is it not more like Jesus to give to the needy, use the funds for mission in some form, more than on the inner sanctum, more than the importance of the Sunday service?
I can't help but think of the church from the perspective of people on the outside looking in, especially here in Australia. What they see is sometimes a fairly well-to-do institution that can come across as judgmental and middle class. A fair target for an Aussie's tall poppy syndrome. Would it not be more effective if it was humble, generous, more concerned with the community around them and heavily grounded in reality, functioning for the purpose of people?
Where your heart is will probably determine where the $ are spent.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can an AFL footballer love God and Footy?

Just read a very interesting Article by Caroline Wilson about Daniel Wells who is a top-line player for the North Melbourne footy club and is obviously , by reading the article, a church attendee / believer in God.

The read leans towards stating that because of Daniel’s love for God, then maybe, his love and passion for footy is waning after not playing one convincing game on the weekend?

Now we know that the media are trying to sell a paper so I’m going to take the actual article with a pinch of salt but this is something I have often wondered about, that if a club or any other institution asks for a very strong commitment to something, can the world of passionately following Jesus and passionately following the club/institution/whatever, co-exist?

In the past for me this would have been far more difficult to answer. My upbringing has leant towards two different lives existing here on this earth. People that follow Jesus and are on the good side and people that don’t and are on the other side. This is the best blunt view I can come up with, there would be some space in between at times.

I can remember playing sport on Sundays and feeling incredibly guilty because I didn’t attend a church service. Whether this was guilt put on me or how I just felt I’m not sure but what I do know is that it came from a perception that doing something other, something that I loved to do, than going to church on that Sunday made me feel weird, as if I was doing something wrong. This wasn’t just about attending church though, this was about my relationship with God and the teaching I had received, both in word and example, that the two loves of sport and God were opposing, not complimentary.

I’m guessing this comes from the whole salt and light thing where scripture does seem to make some distinctions about what is right and wrong behavior, whether to be ‘in’ the world and not ‘of’ it etc How vehemently this is taught will probably have a bearing of what our view of how the world and relationship with God can co-exist.

Another example of this would be how in Trade School I wouldn’t go and have a beer with the other guys because to me alcohol was wrong so I simply wouldn’t go, I didn’t even entertain the thought of having a coke with them there just to build relationship because the pub was one of those places you just avoided. This affected my relationship with those guys big time. I had a turbulent relationship with them all as they probably thought I was arrogant and judgmental, not wanting to do those ‘bad’ things they were doing.

So, let’s cut to the chase.

I’ve had a fair bit of growing to do. In my relationship with God, in discovering who I am, through pastoring in the church, in discovering life and what it means to follow Jesus passionately and try and keep relationships as important and not let ‘religion’ rule my actions. To try and follow Jesus and what I believe He wants of my life and my interaction with this world I’ve come to understand that this isn’t about playing a religious game but just trying to be like Jesus in everything I do and learn what that means, rediscovering this all the time.

One of the refreshing parts of this journey is the understanding I have come to that God is at work in all places, in people who attend church and in people who don’t. I figure if I’m just involved church and church is my life and God is impacting someone ‘out there’ then doesn’t He want people like me to help them understand who this God is? Doesn’t He want me to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever I go? Doesn’t he want AFL footballers to know Jesus too? What about people in the pub? People I am friends with? God is at work in them, He loves them. If oneday they are having a God moment and they don’t even realize, maybe God may want me to help them understand that God is real and He is at work. Maybe they may actually see in me something they feel is missing, maybe that’s God?

So can the two co-exist? This I believe, is what we were actually created for. Created for God and for people wherever we are, whatever we do. The reason, I believe, why sometimes we feel they can’t co-exist, is because going to church and the religion that has been created of the years, has caused us to separate real life and Christianity. We have also been very comfortable inside our church walls. . . . .

So can Daniel Wells be passionate about footy and God? Yes, because life was meant to be this way and while much of footy at this level is about $, the reality is that people make it happen and where people are, God wants to work in them . . . doesn’t He?

Obviously there are going to be some boundaries that God may want of us, like I’m not going to join a gang of thieves and be a thief to build relationships?? This is not all black and white though is it?

So my advice to Daniel would be: Make the kingdom of God your primary concern, love Him with all your heart, live life how He wants you to live. Love people in the best way you possibly can and do your very best with the gifts that God has given. . . . . . . I think we understand this isn’t just for Daniel.

Just so you know . . . . beer is great!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Glenno's Footy Predictions 08

Funny thing that everyone seems to have written Port off this year, Inside Sport had Port sitting at 14th! Go Figure.

My prediction? A Port vs Geelong Grand Final reborn. Both teams have developed a fast running / attacking style of game that can blow away negative style tactics. I think they have the hop on other teams still trying to shut the game down or play defensive. Look out for some huge winning / losing margins this year, tipping a new record (yes . . . other than that horrible day last September) of winning margin, possibly Geelong / Port v Melbourne. I’m a bit concerned with Port’s defense, which won’t be an issue if they possess the ball enough and they do have some handy guys in defense stepping up.

Geelong are far from done after last year’s GF and actually have the possibility, in my opinion, of being up there for the next few seasons. With the likes of Bartel, Gary Ablett, & Joel Corey still in the young era, they have plenty ahead of them.

I’m with Markedly on the boot to Terry, that’s like a gimme. Anyone else going? What about Neil Craig? I think the Crows, despite good pre-season performance, will be lucky to make the top 10. They have left development way too late and injuries will get the better of the oldies in 2008.

Sainters are looking the goods but against Port they have a shocking record. When they come to finals they crumble unless they pip the cats and meet Port in the GF.

Some other predictions....

1. Wallace will get the boot well before round 12 and Melbourne will win the most unwanted spoon in the AFL not far from Richmond. Melbourne has a struggling list and need a financial boost. I think their coach is great but without support not sure where it will go except for bottom of the heap.

2. Collingwood and Mick Malthouse? Don’t see them going to well either, make way for Bucks! Lookout also for our friendly Cousins fella wooing his way into the Magpie Flock.

3. Johnothan Brown or Buddy Franklin for Coleman Medalist, Port play too much of a team game and have too many scorers for one man to take the prize. :)

4. The AFL will declare that Eagles are on their last chance for the 23rd time and Fevola will be given 10 more slaps on the bottom before he is made captain and mayor of Melbourne!

5. Ladder Prediction 2008: Cats, Power, Saints, Freo, Hawks, Eagles, Bulldogs, Swans, Nth Melb, Lions, Blues, Bombers, Magpies, Crows, Tigers, Demons.

6. Watch out for Marlon Motlop for the rising star award.

Don't forget Dream team registration

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not Just Big Fevola

Was watching Footy Confidential last night and the latest Brendon Fevola undisciplined action has come out about him causing some issues at a restaurant in Melbourne. The 'Confidential' team raised the issue of him being there at the time of 4.15am.
The issue now is whether or not he will be suspended for his action, probably according to his priors.
This gets me riled!
Here is a man who is on the leadership team of a an AFL club, he has great influence whether directly or indirectly and his action or discipline, or lack of, sets a standard.
This isn't just about Fev though this is about all players in all teams and the standards that the clubs set down.
What really gets up my goat though was that a former player would say that he shouldn't be suspended and not punish the whole team for one man's actions! This is where it becomes interesting. Why? Because I feel that this is where it becomes more about winning in the short term and $$$$ than the overall effectiveness of the club for the future.
Really it shouldn't matter who the player is, (and if this was one Carlton's rookies it would be interesting) there should be a standard, a high standard and if the leadership group are undisciplined it should carry a higher penalty.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Pits!

While the wife is away . . . . . all hell breaks loose! (strong emphasis on 'loose' there)
Teresea left on Tuesday for some training in Brisbane. On Thursday it hit. A gastro bug that has ripped through the 4 kids and myself like a freight train! In the Australian record of highest hot days in a row it has been the pits! Thankfully the end is nigh.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

AFL Dreamteam 2008

It's on again come and join and invite who you like, just give them this league number 348602
after you go
here type it in when it asks if you want to join a league.
Beat me if you can!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recipe 1

Ok. . . . Thought I'd start a recipe line of blog. At the moment I'm house wife and husband, yes she has deserted me for a week! Oh and left the children behind as well . . . . . You'd think if your wife wanted a relaxing time away they'd take the kids for peace of mind!?
Anyway . . I like cooking and there's a few recipes I'd like to share like this one today, a real masterpiece, a work of art.
Good ol Spag Bog!

  1. Buy an amount of spaghetti from the shop and boil some of it. If there's too much boiled, feed it to the dog, if too little, your stuffed and will have to give up your share to feed the kids!
  2. Buy some mince meat, probably no less than 500gms, well for us that is.
  3. Fry it.
  4. Buy some Dolmios or Leggos bolognase sauce.
  5. After mince is browned, chuck the sauce in and let it simmer.
  6. Grate some cheese, whatever is in the fridge.
  7. If you want to be healthy, cook some vegies like Broccoli or carrots for on the side.
  8. Once the Spag seems right, drain the water off and serve it out.
  9. Stick the meat sauce on top and throw some grated cheese on.
  10. Eat
If you make stacks you can freeze it and have it every night while the Mrs is away. Saves heaps of dishes! The kids only start grumbling after 3 days and then they get use to it.
They may be a little larger than when she left but I just see it as helping Mum to be more appreciated when she comes back!
Stay tuned for more riveting recipes in the future!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Personal Gain

Read a short column on Adelaide Now about criticism given to one of the "so you think you can dance" judges about favouring a friend choreographer for his own personal gain.
It seems, as I move through life, that this is sometimes a bit of a theme of people around. People who blatantly do things for their own personal gain. I'm not saying that this is what that judge is doing and quite frankly I'm not sure that I care too much either but it has raised a strong feeling in my heart about how people around me have done this sort of thing.
I have experienced people trying to raise others up so that they may gain something from it. I have experienced the burning of others so that they themselves look good or don't look bad. I have experienced others gloating, boasting, criticising etc so that they will get further in life or in their profession. Sometimes it's so sneaky and undermining that it's even hard to recognise, but that is just how some people have to function so that they feel good about themselves.
So I ask the question, is there anything wrong with that? Trying to climb the corporate ladder or get a better position or put people down to be built up or show off how good something is so that you or friends will somehow benefit?
Well I think I've come to the point of not saying it's wrong but it certainly isn't the path I'm going to follow.
In the bible, I think in the book of James somewhere, it says, humble yourself before the Lord and HE will build you up. What this means to me is, I don't have to try and build me up at all but I'm not sure I need to built up anyway. A lot of this has to do with being content with life and content with the fact that I am a child of God and that is enough, actually way more than enough! Anything else that God gives me along the journey would be a bonus.
So, do I need to show people what I can do, gloat over my great business techniques, my gifts, put people down, raise others up for my gain. No, coz at the right time, if it's even necessary, God will do that as I humble myself before Him, make Him the area of my primary concern. There's another factor here that also comes into play. Love. If I truly Love others as God loves me then the me factor comes second to loving God and other people first. In other words, if I really love other people as Jesus instructs, then putting them down so that others look good, or so that I look good isn't really loving them is it? Or if my words cause others to think badly of anyone, is that love?
Again, this is a journey for me and a lesson that everyday needs to change my heart and life. If that means I get walked on and left behind, then I'd rather have that, than compromise my belief in what God has laid down as a great plan to follow. I'd rather aim to be humble, loving and wise in God's eyes, than be shrewd, have a 'high position' or be wealthy in the worlds'.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Enjoying the journey?

Just visited a blog, Crankycockatoo , that I keep my eye on now and then and was given a great reminder about life and what we're here for etc
One of Timbercrete's sayings is "Enjoy the Journey".
Why? Because we believe the journey is far more important than the destination.
As someone who follows the teaching of Jesus and the bible closely, this resonates hugely! Jesus was so much a blessing in His day, not just in the future or just what He did on the cross. His journey, who He showed us He was, how He lived His life, His servant hearted attitudes, the way He loved others, all of these things a reminder of how important the journey is, the people we meet, the people we love, the business we conduct with people, relationships . . . . that only happen once. Life's too short to just keep our eyes fixed on; 'one day I'll have it made' 'One day it'll be alright''When I get it done, when I make it big''I'll make it right when' etc etc probably one of my favorite sayings, carpe diem - 'Seize the day'. I haven't perfected it by any means but that's the journey that God is teaching.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


So . . the day after the Green festival I'm up at 4.00am to catch a flight to Melbourne for a new venture in serving with ACOM, here in Adelaide, as a formation director.
So I traveled to Melbourne (right past Port Adelaide enemy territory, Geelong, yes kept my head low)for a couple of days retreating. It was great!
Actually, despite being there for others, I got heaps out of it. It has stirred a few things up in the thought processes and future things with God. To tell you the truth whenever I meet my good mate Neale I always end up thinking a lot more than I envisage.
Watch this space.
The only issue I have about the trip was the flights. VB flight arrived about 30min's late despite starting out early. The growly group I flew home with was 90 min's late in even getting away!

Hot Festival!

Ok so now I'm a week overdue for this one but the Green City Festival was great but tiring.
Was up at 4.30am to get in to the City and setup so it was a bad start. The day was great, plenty of interest etc but it was a stinker! 38 and everything was outside! Stood up all day. I've already had some interest from it so I guess I'll call it worthwhile for now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Savings and Loans Green City Festival Adelaide

Off to the Adelaide Green City Festival on Sunday for the cause of our environment and Timbercrete. Should be a hoot! It's FREE! So if you read this and are concerned about the enviro and want something to do then come along and I'll catch you there. Click on the link above for more info.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Farmer Glenno

Oh yeh! You heard right, I think you can now add farmer to the list. I drove me a tractor! Why? You ask. Coz the farmer dude next door is training me to drive his tractors for grape harvest, yeee Haah!
Now I know the pic is a really badly cut and I'm not quite, how do you say it, as belly challenged, but give it a bit of time loafing on the tractors and a few grapes and I might be heading that way.
Just need me a pitchfork and a stalk of hay out my mouth.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Police and Fergie

This wasn't planned but it was huge!
Thanks to my brother in law's brother in law who can get free tickets to such things, went to the Police and Fergie concert last night and it was an awesome spectacle. The music, the lighting the whole shibang, awesome!
Not heaps into The Police but once those songs start playing you can't help but sing along and get into it. We sat in very good seats to the right of the stage which means my right ear was kinda deaf for the rest of the night.
Anyway, great event, definitely recommend it, can you guess what song they were playing from the phone photo?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger Dead

As news comes in this morning on Heath Ledger’s passing away it makes you think about life and death and the importance on living everyday as a day not to be taken for granted.
I guess I’d say that God has given us this life to live for a purpose, finding that purpose and living it to the full is what makes life so enjoyable. For me living for God and knowing Jesus makes life awesome, an adventure.
My prayer for you is that life is fulfilling in the innermost parts, not just on the outside.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Next Read?

Ok so it's taking me a while to read Velvet Elvis but I've just been on to Scott's Blog and it seems there could be a new read on the horizon Pagan Christianity hmmmmmm

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Up for a game?
Got me some clubs, - a late Chrissy / birthday gift. Been playing a bit with a mate and his sons with Brody as well the last couple of school holidays.
I suck at golf! It has to be the most frustrating game on earth! So if you ever need a confidence boost, come and play a game with me and I'll make you feel like a champion!

Velvet Elvis - Jump

Ok so things are slow, this is just the first chapter! Michelle has probably finished!!
Anyway. . . . The question I have in my head from this chapter - 'Jump' - is, while we're on the whole painting imagery, is it possible to view being a follower of Jesus, after following Him in certain boxes and frameworks for most of our lives, like starting a new paint canvas? Is it possible to strip all that we have learned about Christianity (the good and not so, right or wrong) to come to a place where we follow Jesus and be his people here and now in this culture in a form that is not hindered by boxes, rituals, traditions etc
I agree with Rob Bell that all of us when we read scripture and talk of God and Jesus will come from it with our own bent, with all that has gone before us to shape us to who we are. But . . . my belief (probably my bent :) ) is that God and Jesus blow boxes, rituals and tradition apart!
So . . . I think Rob in this chapter is getting us to move our minds (Jump) to a place like this, where we try and view God from a new canvas. I guess for me, let me waffle here a bit, if I was to strip all the stuff away and it was just me and a few people left on earth and all the church buildings had been wiped away, there was not enough 'Christians' to meet on a morning sometime during the week, who would God and Jesus be to me? If I was the only follower of Jesus left on this earth what would I do with that? What would I value about being a follower of Jesus the most? If I knew Jesus yet my family didn't and there was no-one else, who would I spend most of time with? If the impression of 'Christianity' is not a reflection of the character of Jesus, who will lead people to the real Jesus?
Impacting book so far, just soaking it in.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Up at the crack of dawn!

I think this is God's time. When everything is so still and just waking up. This morning was a bit cooler after a 41 celsius day yesterday and it was dead calm, really nice amongst the bush and the vines. Kookaburras were laughing at blinkin 5am so they seemed happy and I was up at 5.15 for a hopefully productive day at the shed with the fam.
There is something about this time though that is God shaped, when the hustle and bustle is out of the way and it's just you, creation and God, and maybe a dog trying to eat your toast. It doesn't happen often enough, yet, actually, for God and His creation it happens every morning, it's just me that usually misses it.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Velvet Elvis Review 1

Currently reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. It’s a great read! It was on my list for Christmas . . . and received it gladly 

I have a fair bit of respect for Rob Bell from what I hear from his messages at Mars Hill and his Nooma dvd’s and wanted to read this book on ‘Repainting the Christian Faith’.

Teresea and I listen to Rob Bell’s messages when we’re manufacturing bricks. Teresea is a quicker reader than I am so she’s nearly finished it and loves it, I’m up to the third chapter. There’s a couple of reviews on line of ‘Velvet Elvis’ and ‘Sex God’, Rob’s other book, so I’m not going to reproduce the wheel, especially seeing as I’m no book reviewer anyway but I am going to write down some thoughts from my perspective and what I am thinking and would love to interact with anyone if they have the time.

Firstly ‘Velvet Elvis’ is a velvet painting of Elvis that Rob has lying in his basement . . . . My Bro’s use to have these velvet paintings in their room and I used to love them as a kid coz if you had a uv light some of the lighter colours would glow and it would look 3d ish, it was soooo cool, so I’d like to know if Rob's Elvis glows but that’s just a side point eh.

The main thrust of the intro to me is that the exploration of life, theology, and Christian faith has always been fluid and needs to stay that way. . . . not set in any one way but fluid, changing, reinventing, repainting, reforming. Recognising that Jesus, His truth, His love, His hope is never ending but how we embrace it and how it is perceived and communicated needs to mean something now, for today, for the person living in 2008 not in the 1800’s, 1970 when I was born, 1980, 2000 or even 2007.

This struck a huge chord in my heart. One of my major frustrations of formal ministry was the resistance of people who say they follow Jesus yet would not even consider or didn’t know how to consider, being the people who follow Christ in fresh and fluid ways. Just trying to dialogue about it was a threat to something that was held dear. My belief is that what was often held dear was not in fact the many beautiful facets of a loving God but the mere long standing traditions of a people who had become comfortable in their environment.

In this then I think Rob Bell is spot on and totally agree with his thoughts. I’m probably not so graceful (so I guess it’s an area of personal growth) when he says that it’s ok when a body of Christ in whatever form, sits with the current painting and says that’s enough. What if the current painting has faded and no longer looks like Elvis, is it still Elvis? If the faded painting was Jesus, is it still Jesus?

Don’t get me wrong, my love and acceptance of people in this boat still exists to a point that people probably wouldn’t understand but my grace is stretched when I see Jesus portrayed as something I think He is not and where people who need the faith, hope and love of the creator are served outdated rituals of something that used to look like Jesus but is now at times a fading memory.

My aim for my life and for 2008 is to keep discovering what it means to follow Jesus on this earth and to try and be His hands and feet in the places He sends me wherever that may be.

More in the future. Have an awesome 2008!