Sunday, February 24, 2008


So . . the day after the Green festival I'm up at 4.00am to catch a flight to Melbourne for a new venture in serving with ACOM, here in Adelaide, as a formation director.
So I traveled to Melbourne (right past Port Adelaide enemy territory, Geelong, yes kept my head low)for a couple of days retreating. It was great!
Actually, despite being there for others, I got heaps out of it. It has stirred a few things up in the thought processes and future things with God. To tell you the truth whenever I meet my good mate Neale I always end up thinking a lot more than I envisage.
Watch this space.
The only issue I have about the trip was the flights. VB flight arrived about 30min's late despite starting out early. The growly group I flew home with was 90 min's late in even getting away!

Hot Festival!

Ok so now I'm a week overdue for this one but the Green City Festival was great but tiring.
Was up at 4.30am to get in to the City and setup so it was a bad start. The day was great, plenty of interest etc but it was a stinker! 38 and everything was outside! Stood up all day. I've already had some interest from it so I guess I'll call it worthwhile for now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Savings and Loans Green City Festival Adelaide

Off to the Adelaide Green City Festival on Sunday for the cause of our environment and Timbercrete. Should be a hoot! It's FREE! So if you read this and are concerned about the enviro and want something to do then come along and I'll catch you there. Click on the link above for more info.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Farmer Glenno

Oh yeh! You heard right, I think you can now add farmer to the list. I drove me a tractor! Why? You ask. Coz the farmer dude next door is training me to drive his tractors for grape harvest, yeee Haah!
Now I know the pic is a really badly cut and I'm not quite, how do you say it, as belly challenged, but give it a bit of time loafing on the tractors and a few grapes and I might be heading that way.
Just need me a pitchfork and a stalk of hay out my mouth.