Sunday, July 30, 2006


Ok, so now I start to get serious, not that I wasn't before, but I feel I need get this started and who knows where it ends or if it will. I actually hope this to be an ongoing conversation to whoever wants to comment or check it out or even just to myself.
What is religion? The dictionary says a few things but this says to me what I'm aiming at( a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices.
I believe it's this religion that has caused Christianity, in its purest form, to be shunned here in Australia as just another pointless avenue to find the meaning of life.
To put it lightly if I was to get a cheese grater and grate my knuckles (trust me I've had experience) 20 times, I don't think it would bring me as much pain as I feel when I see my Saviour and everyone's Saviour, Jesus, portrayed as an institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs and practices.
In my thirty five years involved in the local church, seeing and being involved with most denominations, I have come to the point of realisation that much of what we do through the institution (speaking generally) is religion, not Christianity in it's purest form. The mere fact that we say every week that we 'go' to church points me to the fact that church is not the people but it is a place where the rules and rituals of our corrupt view of 'Christianity' is played out. By corrupt I mean this;
What if we have been served a vision of Christianity here in Australia, that is so religious, so institutionalised, that we don't actually know what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ without all the religious trimmings?
I'm interested in your view.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Leigh Cunningham

Went out on the town tonight, my lovely wife gave me a leave of absence and I ventured off into the wild and raucus city of Adelaide to a little old place called the Garage to check out me mate Leigh Cunno play a gig. It was awesome! Not only was the music hot but the whole event.
Leigh has some great pulling power and I believe God uses him in a mighty way to bring all those he has relationship with and those he doesn't, all to come together for a common cause - music and relationship. An environment like many in Australia, a smoke drenched pub where the beer flows freely (unfortunately it did cost something, but I think you get my drift) where the clatter of glasses and the chatter of conversation and laughter fills the air. People gathering from all walks of life, firefighters from Leighs work, youthworkers from Amanda's work (Leigh's wife) people from churches, guys lookin for chicks and vise versa, all together.
Leighs music cuts through the air and everyone's attention is on him but not just on him, it's mostly on the music he's singing and everyone knows the words. Everyone. and you know what they're singing, everyone. Songs to God 'you burn like a fire in my heart' 'only you knew me from the start' and 'all I want is you' as Leigh sings and prays and points his hand to the heavens.
This is salt and light to a world in need and it is beyond the walls of religious lethargy. However subtle it may come, people go home tonight a little closer to a relationship with God than when they first came and God is at work in all of them, even in a pub. I was also just reminded, if you'd like to know more about Leigh and his new cd check it out -

Monday, July 24, 2006

First Blog

Well, here we go, my first attempt at a Blog.
It's probably the first time, even though I've wanted to, to actually sit here and do it. So that opens up my first blurb about stuff.
Why is it that while I was in a formal ministry in a local church I had less time than I do while I'm running my own business? Is that just a myth, am I just really, really, badly organised and lack time management skills or is there an actual physical difference to my time. Bingo! Huge difference! (Not that I don't need more skills in time management) but . . . I have my nights back!
Now I need to let all those who are feeling a bit dissapointed in that comment know that this doesn't mean I didn't value the time spent with people on those many night-time duties. But fair crack of the cracker! I feel like I have my life back and it's great! Not only that but my wife and children are absolutely loving it . . .(I think :))
So . . . . The big Q . . . If the local church is all about relationship and enjoying that relationship with God, with family, with others, why is there so much expectation to be at everything and do everything for everyone that pulls at the very things that Jesus held so dear? Loving Him and loving people. To be really frank now, I think I had been so sapped of my time in in many fruitless meetings that I had forgotten how to really enjoy being with people, the whole reason I was in the position in the first place.
So now . . . 6 months later I have time to write this blurb and read other's blurbs and start to enjoy relationship once more, what I believe God has created me for. I look forward to spending more time here,