Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Just as a precursor for the Timbercrete blurb I'm interested in your view of success. Maybe even this question: What is the measure of your success? The answer to this question I believe will have a profound impact on your life.


Nickers said...

I'm not clever enough to define success myself. But from a great book i have, called success, the thing that stands out the most is this:

"Success is fulfilling the purpose for which something was made. A plane would be a failure if it couldn't fly; a boat would be a failure if it didn't float. Our highest purpose is to know God and be reflections of Him to others. When our feet are walking this path, we are on the high road to success."
Roy Lessin

Toby said...

I agree very much with the quote Nickers has given us. I think there are a couple of types of success. Ultimate succes, which is what that quote refers to, and 'achieved' success.

So often we view success as a goal to be achieved before we die. That might be a financial goal, a possession goal (like real estate or cars)or even emotional or spiritual goals (I want to be happy; I want to achieve transendence). What we miss sometimes is that ultimate success is fulfillng in the eternal. The other types of success don't go with us to the next life... in fact most of them probably won't even make it onto our permanent records.