Thursday, December 14, 2006

Laptops and Farmers Union Iced Coffee

Two passions of my life came together in spectacular form the other day while in my office and nearly destroyed quite a few years of data.

Yep you got it; my Laptop had a drink of Farmers Union Iced Coffee. Now available it seems in all states across Australia and not just the original but now in light and extra strong. Farmers Union Iced Coffee is ‘the’ drink of South Australians and apparently has the title of being the only drink to ever knock off one red and white labeled drink that ends in cola, as the highest selling drink in a capital city. I am a particular fan of this iced coffee and am trying to line up my empties so that they surround the internal circumference of the shed on one of the ledges. This is taking a certain amount of time due to lack of Iced Coffee funds and the fact that my kids love to fill them with sand or put them in the recycle bin to get money from them. I tell you, they are blocking my goal!! Anyway . . . It just so happened the other day that I did have funds for a Farmers Union Iced Coffee for lunch which accompanied my potato pie and while dutifully working in my lunchtime I somehow managed to tip Iced Coffee all over my keyboard . . . . . the end. . . . .
I now have a new laptop thanks to EIG-ANSVAR because of extra accidental cover. Woo Hoo!!!! I have also been able to access all my data due to a handy little 2.5inch USB external hard-drive case. So the moral is. . . . . If you love Farmers Union Iced Coffee and work on computers keep them away from each other or . . . . make sure you have good insurance!!

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Toby said...

Good one!

Along similar lines, I should recommend your readers not accidentally store Farmers Union Iced Coffee in their gloveboxes for extended periods in summer. I managed to make this mistake back in 2000, and apart from resulting in a less-than-perfect beverage, it also costs alot to clean out and, more importantly, deodorise the glovebox.