Friday, March 23, 2007

New PS3 . . . . Woo Hoo

More than $20 million worth of stock had been ordered by retailers in anticipation of large initial sales similar to when the PS3 went on sale in the US and Japan five months ago

Another example of how the consumerism of western society gloats in it's 'stuff'. $20million! Imagine what could be done with that in nations without food and here we are blowing it on a game. Come on. And they say it should still have a place in the living room for another whole ten years . . . . wow!? So then we'll spend another 40 million coz of inflation. How much would it cost to give a child a life for another ten years. How far would 20 million dollars go to support a family. Considering that 1.3billion people in the world live on just $1.00 a day '', that would mean that this money could support about 55,000 people for a year. Real lives. Not virtual lives on a TV screen.
C'mon Australia - let's get a grip!


Matt said...

Hey Glenn, I have just been catching up on some of your posts... good stuff mate. Our boys think we are the meanest parents out because we refuse to buy them a game console. Imagine making them play outside, with the dog, in the bendy tree or on thier bikes... terrible hey. Too bad.

I agree with you on this mate. Not so long ago I wired some money to a pastor that we support in Tanzania. For the small amount of just A$240 we were able to help send his 5 children to school for 1 whole year. For the $35 the bank charged me to wire the money, I could have paid his rent for 1 whole month.

Glenn Munyard said...

Hey Matt, good to hear from ya! Yeah it's pretty amazing how far our dollars will go to help someone - a family - a community in a different country. Teresea and I and some other friends support a pastor in India on a yearly basis for not a lot of sacrifice.
It's tough though. I'm the first to admit I like my technology and my share of fun, but it can't outweigh the simple things such as outsideness and relationship and certainly not when it means we put that before people surviving, it just doesn't compare.

Anonymous said...

Just want to make a comparison for a minute.
After playing playstation for a couple of hours...or longer, i generally feel like crap.
After sending money overseas, or sponsoring a child (which is cheaper) i feel amazing.

Its not about me, but we do need to get our priorities right.