Friday, August 17, 2007

The adventures of Glenn and Stuey

Well we have an employee, the big stumeister, a very good friend of mine. It's great having him around and we work well together. We have some rather funny times also so I thought that now and then I'd have and adventures of Glenn and Stuey section on the blog.
Today the big Stu nearly had a major issue. It's hard to explain in full without actions but as we were about to pull up a mold Stuey bumped himself on the saw bench which propelled him towards the soft blocks in the molds and towards me. So imagine the look on his face as he's falling towards me and the wet bricks and my face as I brace myself to catch him. Now think about how it looks when one man is supporting another like a bridge over a bunch of wet bricks! He he. I pushed him back and we lifted the molds. No damage done and much laughter was had by all!


Annette said...

Love your GLOBS-Yes, I can imagine the whole Stuey/Glen bonding crack me up!!!

Glenn Globber said...

Yep, well stay tuned coz there's more and I'm sure lots more to come! :)