Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Velvet Elvis - Jump

Ok so things are slow, this is just the first chapter! Michelle has probably finished!!
Anyway. . . . The question I have in my head from this chapter - 'Jump' - is, while we're on the whole painting imagery, is it possible to view being a follower of Jesus, after following Him in certain boxes and frameworks for most of our lives, like starting a new paint canvas? Is it possible to strip all that we have learned about Christianity (the good and not so, right or wrong) to come to a place where we follow Jesus and be his people here and now in this culture in a form that is not hindered by boxes, rituals, traditions etc
I agree with Rob Bell that all of us when we read scripture and talk of God and Jesus will come from it with our own bent, with all that has gone before us to shape us to who we are. But . . . my belief (probably my bent :) ) is that God and Jesus blow boxes, rituals and tradition apart!
So . . . I think Rob in this chapter is getting us to move our minds (Jump) to a place like this, where we try and view God from a new canvas. I guess for me, let me waffle here a bit, if I was to strip all the stuff away and it was just me and a few people left on earth and all the church buildings had been wiped away, there was not enough 'Christians' to meet on a morning sometime during the week, who would God and Jesus be to me? If I was the only follower of Jesus left on this earth what would I do with that? What would I value about being a follower of Jesus the most? If I knew Jesus yet my family didn't and there was no-one else, who would I spend most of time with? If the impression of 'Christianity' is not a reflection of the character of Jesus, who will lead people to the real Jesus?
Impacting book so far, just soaking it in.

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Michelle said...

hehe I have finished it!!! I agree- I think Rob Bell is getting to 'think outside the box'. I found that ROb Bell's thinking dosen't have so many of the boundaries and boxes that lots of our thinking does. It was freeing to read. Wait til you get to the part about 'shooting the superpastor!!' Good stuff.