Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Being a community of faith

In being a part of an institutional style of church for many years I have come to understand that for many who may attend on a Sunday the church is just that . . . Sunday. Unless of course there are meetings to attend beyond that day.
This makes me concerned about what it means to be a faith community or community of faith.
This of course is what many churches may have been called or known by but I would probably say that it isn't a very true reflection of what the church really is.
We talked about this on Sunday and discussed what our church community would look like if we all lived by faith in God everyday. What does that look like as a community of people? What would it mean to not just fit into the world but to live by faith in God that he is the provider and that he is the total leader. That we don't just do our work, go here, go there because we have always done it but we give our time to what / who God is leading us to. That we don't just spend our $ on whatever we normally may but that everything we had was considered as God's and for His purpose.
What sort of an impact would this type of community have on a broader community?


Mike said...

Good thoughts. These ideas have been on my mind too. I think we really need to define "community of faith". As you have said it is mostly church on Sunday.

I see a "community of faith" as a group of people living out the kingsom of GOD daily, with others around them. Not just going it alone then meeting on a Sunday.

Let me think on this.

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