Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, been a while since the last post so thought I'd scribble because of avoidance to other tasks while eating a toasted ham sandwich.
So we sold the block of land so that's cool. Hopefully we'll get another one soon but we might just hang off and see what then interest rates do. This means I'm getting a new car. A Holden Crewman, I love it and should have it in a couple of days.
I'm hanging for footy to start. I've landed a position as coach of McLaren U14's after sitting an interview in front of a panel of 7 people. I've never had a job interview with that many people and this isn't even paid! I also can't wait for the Power to start playing again. New faces and players, new fitness coach and Josh Carr back (Thanks Mark) should be a good year in 2009.
Spoke and sang at NCCC last Sunday A.M and if there's anything I miss at times from the Institutional style of church it's the Singing and Preaching. All in God's time though.
Otherwise, business is a tad slow but am hopeful of it picking up in the new year.
That's about all for now.


Mark Edwards said...

ha! Only just read this.

Have him back....good riddance the slimer.....

cough cough....warming up the throat ready to boo....

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