Monday, July 24, 2006

First Blog

Well, here we go, my first attempt at a Blog.
It's probably the first time, even though I've wanted to, to actually sit here and do it. So that opens up my first blurb about stuff.
Why is it that while I was in a formal ministry in a local church I had less time than I do while I'm running my own business? Is that just a myth, am I just really, really, badly organised and lack time management skills or is there an actual physical difference to my time. Bingo! Huge difference! (Not that I don't need more skills in time management) but . . . I have my nights back!
Now I need to let all those who are feeling a bit dissapointed in that comment know that this doesn't mean I didn't value the time spent with people on those many night-time duties. But fair crack of the cracker! I feel like I have my life back and it's great! Not only that but my wife and children are absolutely loving it . . .(I think :))
So . . . . The big Q . . . If the local church is all about relationship and enjoying that relationship with God, with family, with others, why is there so much expectation to be at everything and do everything for everyone that pulls at the very things that Jesus held so dear? Loving Him and loving people. To be really frank now, I think I had been so sapped of my time in in many fruitless meetings that I had forgotten how to really enjoy being with people, the whole reason I was in the position in the first place.
So now . . . 6 months later I have time to write this blurb and read other's blurbs and start to enjoy relationship once more, what I believe God has created me for. I look forward to spending more time here,


Steve said...

Hey Glenn,

Welcome to the blogosphere (or should that be blurbosphere).

It's kinda funny how our first priority is often our last priority before it finally becomes our first priority.

Back in the 70's I had a poster in my room that said something like ... "God so loved the world that He didn't send a committee..."

Food for thought, eh! Blessings to your family over there in South Oz.


Toby said...

Hey Glenn. A feeling I can identify with! Back in '98-'99 I used to drive down there four or five times a week at 50k's a trip for similar meetings, services and functions. I was working full time as well. Some of that time would surely have been better spent drawing alongside the not-christian friends I had from high school...

Anonymous said...

Why Hello there! Lets hope I can use this technology thingo called the computer and do this blog thing! I like your photo Glenn , I particularly like to 'timbercrete green' as I like to call it. :) Yes I am funny, and yes it is past my bed time. (9:45pm)
ANYWAY - I have been hit home with the similar truth recentley too Glenn, that life is ALL about loving GOD and Loving others - so waht on earth am I doing with my life????? How does my diary/timetable reflect this truth?? Challenging, especially as life very quickly manages to 'fill up'. Oh - and from speaking with your wife and kids - they are very happy to have you home!
PS For all you other people out there who have no 'blogger' account and want to add a comment (BEAN) just be 'anonymous'