Friday, July 28, 2006

Leigh Cunningham

Went out on the town tonight, my lovely wife gave me a leave of absence and I ventured off into the wild and raucus city of Adelaide to a little old place called the Garage to check out me mate Leigh Cunno play a gig. It was awesome! Not only was the music hot but the whole event.
Leigh has some great pulling power and I believe God uses him in a mighty way to bring all those he has relationship with and those he doesn't, all to come together for a common cause - music and relationship. An environment like many in Australia, a smoke drenched pub where the beer flows freely (unfortunately it did cost something, but I think you get my drift) where the clatter of glasses and the chatter of conversation and laughter fills the air. People gathering from all walks of life, firefighters from Leighs work, youthworkers from Amanda's work (Leigh's wife) people from churches, guys lookin for chicks and vise versa, all together.
Leighs music cuts through the air and everyone's attention is on him but not just on him, it's mostly on the music he's singing and everyone knows the words. Everyone. and you know what they're singing, everyone. Songs to God 'you burn like a fire in my heart' 'only you knew me from the start' and 'all I want is you' as Leigh sings and prays and points his hand to the heavens.
This is salt and light to a world in need and it is beyond the walls of religious lethargy. However subtle it may come, people go home tonight a little closer to a relationship with God than when they first came and God is at work in all of them, even in a pub. I was also just reminded, if you'd like to know more about Leigh and his new cd check it out -


Steve said...

Wouldn't be the first time someone got saved in a pub. Colin Murphy (pastor from Lakes church) got saved in a Freo pub.

Actually, I remember witnessing to a guy in a Kalgoorlie pub some years ago whilst waiting for my flight to come in from Perth.

Good music bridges wide gaps - add in a little annointing from the Holy Spirit, and anything can happen.

Glenn Munyard said...

Thanks for your comments on this lonely site Steve I appreciate it. Your right about music and it's influence, I've actually been thinking about music a bit more recently and how God can use it as we lay it before him. It's probably something that we as Christians often only use in the four walls of church yet it's often not the Christians that need to hear it.

Grant said...

Hey Glenn, I know that it is on your links list but I thought I'd point people to Leighs site: