Sunday, August 27, 2006


Well, I have some really exciting news!!! Your comments have now been posted!!!!! Now I'm sure that you thought that it was all pointless writing all those words and having nothing come back or seen or commented on. I can assure you it had nothing to do with what you wrote that those comments weren't posted and thre is a really simple explanation . . . . MY STUPIDITY!!! There is a little box on the setup thing that tells you to moderate comments???? Did I check it??????? . . . . Nup! Have I checked it now? . . . Yep! Thanks heaps for your comments, I can see this Blog being a very healthy place for discussion if the moderator gets his Butt into gear. Love you lots, Glenno

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Peter Hill said...

I'm glad you fixed the comments thing! At last I can comment Woo Hoo! Really enjoyed the bit on the "New Wineskins".
as a marvellous Imagery .... in that its not that the wine is bad, but it is made even better by "reskininng it". The biggest problem is that the church is in the old wev'e always done it that way routine!

It further proves the point by what has been happening at our Church, I realise this is not the forum for that discussion and I will not elaborate here! For me, I have been waiting on God, but I am starting to be concerned that I have not put myself in the right Place for God to work in my life. I have seen this as a bit of a running theme in my life. I thought If I discuss my feelings and pray with "likeminded" Christians that the way forward will be a lot easier and that god will be able to use me in a body of people whose hearts have the same desire/yearning!
I would like to meet with other people and discuss/ pray about this futher.

Anyone else feel the same regards Peter