Monday, August 07, 2006

Spaghetti Up The Nose

Have you ever had something to eat and whatever you're eating has gone up you nasal tube the back way? Well I have and it's not a good feeling and it takes a bit of the old hacking to get it out and not choke when it does.
Well . . . tonight we had Spaghetti for tea and Brod's had that happen to him only he didn't hack it out and re-eat it, he blew it out of his nose! This was no tiny bit of Spaghetti mind you, it was about 40mm (1.5 inch's) not a bad effort and it had us in stitch's. The pic above shows the evidence.


Toby said...

Aww. The little fella's becoming a man! Make sure you pass on my congratulations on his fine effort :)

Nic said...

Okay, that's gross. Thanks for making me feel ill(er) :)

Susan M said...

I will definitely be sharing Brody's story at the dinner table tonight. Aidan will love it! Hayley will throw up.