Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gymnastics @ Broken Hill

Well what a huge weekend!
That week of training I had did wonders for my physique as you can see, and the skills training really paid off. After never doing gymnastics, except for the occasional floor routine at Boys Brigade about 25 years ago, my balance on the pommel really came in to play, actually you'd be forgiven in thinking that I was actually an olympian from russia, go figure!
Seriously. We had a great time, the whole family went to Broken Hill for the weekend with the Funky Moves competition team. We travelled up and back in a bus with the whole team. Shannon, Kirrily and Hannah are all on the team (not me) and they did really well. This was Hannah's first comp and she even managed to come away with a medal. Kirrily has been on the team longer which really showed as she won the overall 1st medal for her grade. Shannon also did very well getting a first on the floor in her level. The comp was between about 8 clubs from country SA and Broken Hill teams.
It was great getting to know people and being a part of a totally different community of people and it has totally deepened relationship with people we didn't really know. Some more 'real' pics are available to look at on the 'my pics' link. The girls all look the same though with their hair pulled back so I hope you can pick them. Ps Brod's was ok . . . we took a footy.


Nickers said...

Hey dude, i wish you took your jacket off the other day so i could have seen your guns. Your looking good bro

Glenn Munyard said...

Yeh I've tried to keep it pretty hidden, don't want to cause to much trouble, you know with girls and stuff, after all I am a married man, don't want to lead people on or give the wrong impression.

Michelle and Bean said...

Bean says "Have my babies". Michelle says 'No comment'.

allierrr said...

wow... i think i might need councelling after seeing that photo!!!!!