Sunday, September 17, 2006

Check this out

Here's a vid of the new Alpha add got it from craig Borlase's site, an author I've been reading a book of called 'The Naked Christian' Pretty darn good stuff.


Beano said...

haha, that video was cool as :)

very nice animation and how relevant too, and it didnt have to say a word.

hey i found a reference to Jesus and his disciples singing. Matthew 26:30. this is right after the passover feast and it says when 'they' had sung a hymn. so not necessarily Jesus but in saying they it kind of includes Jesus too or so i would think. Oh and i wasnt being a nerd and looking for some reference of Jesus singing or anything i just happen to be reading through matthew when i came accross this passage. So yeah my comment really has no bearing on anything whatsoever just thought i'd share.

Love your blog glenno. Challenging to say the least. Keep it up.

And heres a challenge from me. Everyone read their bible. ITS SO DARN GOOD!

Glenn Munyard said...

Yeh, I reckon Susan M was reading the same verse in the 'Worship' blog, either that or this is a conspiracy!!