Friday, October 13, 2006

Sold, Sold and Nearly Sold

This picture speaks a thousand words, probably though I'll go on and write those thousand anyway.
This picture states a few things, firstly this is the property that we are now living on / renting, it's a small older house in the middle of vinyards and some wonderful countryside not too far from some civilisation. This picture then means we are no longer living in our other home because we sold it! For a great price too praise God!! This picture also says that the kids and the adults are having a ball and will probably (at this moment in time)never feel like living in the burbs again. We're definately sold on the rural lifestyle. Even bought myself a ride-on and as you can see, we have a cow mower next door and a resident cat for the dog to play with :) . In the near future something else will be sold and that is the block of land we are purchasing that we are likely to build a Timbercrete home on, whether we live in it though is God's decision.
So if you've been wondering why the blog hasn't been overly active then you will understand that while I hate boxing things/people and love to break them apart, unfortunately I have been bound by them in a very practical way and even as I write I am surrounded by empty and full boxes that look too much like hard work, so here I am.
It's appropriate for me to say a huge thankyou to those who have been able to help out in the big move, I think next time though removalists will be the order of the day, I think we've had enough. To Tob's, Leigh, Shane, Big Kev and Jenni, Dad's and Mum's, Beamer, Michelle and Beano, Wendy, you helped us out in a very practical way and we are hugely blessed, not just through that but through your continued friendship. Thanks heaps!! For more recent pics go to the my pics link.


Toby said...

Hey! Happy to help bro, and it was great to catch up with you again. The new place is awesome. I can see why your sold on country life! All the best with settling in and I'll catch you soon I hope. God bless.

Susan M said...

Great to see what God's doing in your lives (gorgeous photo). Hopefully, in the not too distant future we can come for a visit. (Pray that Neale will have something 'work related' to do in SA so then we'll just have to come!)