Saturday, January 06, 2007

Oh! Gravity.,

Just received the new Switchfoot CD via the US via Ebay. This is awesome! I have a couple of new additions to the CD pile courtesy of a recent birthday and then Christmas. (The other way to add to the pile is to buy CD’s you like for the kids. :) so they received a couple for Chrissy as well. :) :) ) Anyway, has anyone ever listened to a CD and drawn closer to God without it actually being a ‘God is the king of the world’ type lyric? (not derogatory, I hope you get the drift) Today while listening to the Switchfoot CD, it really impacted me. Their lyrics are so rich, there’s also heaps of them, lyrics that is. They jam a lot of lyrics in a very short space, mainly I think as they have such a powerful message to tell. I’m still trying to understand them all and what I get out of them probably won’t be the same for others or maybe even Switchfoot intended. There’s a lot of focus on getting our eyes off the world and what it offers and on to higher things, in my view and maybe their’s, eternal things. The title track, ‘Oh Gravity’, I reckon is saying that we as people are so stuck to this earth that we can’t see past it to what is real and how we can make a difference. That really echo’s with their last CD Nothing is Sound and in particular the song ‘Stars’. It’s the last song of this CD that really caused me to shift my focus toward God, ‘Let your love be strong’ here’s an excerpt:

Let your love be strong, and I don't care what goes down
Let your love be strong enough to weather through the thunder cloud
Fury and thunder clap like stealing the fire from your eyes
All of my world hanging on your love

Let the wars begin, let my strength wear thin
Let my fingers crack, let my world fall apart
Train the monkeys on my back to fight
Let it start tonight
When my world explodes, when my stars touch the ground
Falling down like broken satellites

All of my world resting on your love

The song really made me think, that if all crashes around me then the love of God is always there ever sustainable.
These guys rock, they have a lot of guts and they really have the best lyrics I have ever heard, so thought provoking. The other best part is their style, I love it.
The other CD I was given and wanted was Guy’s new one. Loving strong vocals I was really keen on this. It’s good as a cheap listen but as far as depth goes, let’s just say Switchfoot rock!

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