Friday, January 26, 2007


Is it only me? I feel like this year's Australia Day was more patriotic than ever. Dunno if it's just the 'Big Day Out' thing of 'No Flags', which now smells more like reverse psychology than anything, or it could be the claiming Australia for who we are as opposed to some of the radical religious leaders that we have seen on the news lately. So I dunno, did you feel more patriotic this year or is it just me feeling funny?

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Nickers said...

FOr sure man.
Down at the Fire work thingo at Christies Beach last night, and i'm sure at least 80% of people had flags around their neck, or something similar. It seemed to me as though the younger people were more patriotic than anyone else, or atleast had more Aussie stuff on!!!

I had lamb and no salad for lunch!!!