Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Ok, feeling a lot better now, thanks for asking.
I dunno if life is like this for everyone but you know when you get these times when there's not much happening and then everything happens all at once in a really short space of time. Well that just happened.
Here's the last week and a bit.

Large brick order came through woo hoo!
Found out that a lump on my groin (no a bit higher than the other lump) was a femeral hernia. (docs and us thought it may have been lymphoma for a while until an ultrasound, bit scary)
Wedding for Michelle and Bean
Making bricks
1 whole day's of brick manufacturing no good due to an off ingredient, grrr.
Family arriving from Perth and US for mums 80th
Finishing exams and assignments for building study
Preparing for Teenscamp
Groin sore
Family week-long party begins amidst preparing for teens and kids finishing school.
Started teens camp just down the road.
Session one at teens in the morning, Birthday bash in the arvo, party goes on into the night - much fun is had by all.
Teens for session 2 on Sunday and the fam comes along so that T can take an ellective to horses, home late after grumpy and tired kids get the better of us.
Teens session 3 and teens finishes - awesome! (not that it finished, the camp was great!)
Pre admission at Hospital for surgery tomorrow.
Family party continues at our place tonight.
At hospital at 11 am Tues and I'm sitting in bed and everything has stopped. Suddenly from everything going nutso and then nothing - weird.
Surgery around 4.30pm.
Flying with the fairies on general antisthetic and morphein. 6cm slice on upper groin with some stainless mesh in there somewhere.
Nurse accidentally punches me in the stomach! Of all the places!
Morphein wears off - NOOOOOOOO! Can't hardly move, feels like they used my stomach as a trampoline!
Home recovering and playing video games with Brod's.
Nearly fixed, will be back into it Thursday.
The end - Phew!

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Toby said...

Hey Glenn. I hear you're feeling much better, and that you're back at the coalface already. Glad to hear it.. and BTW, at least morphine works for you when you take it - some people are immune to the benefits of painkillers.