Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Teenscamp April 07

Camp was all about I love . . . . . ?
I spoke on passion:
- What is passion and the passion God has for us.
- The leeches of passion
- Being the passion

I blogged about passion no too long ago Here. I guess my heart for passionate followers of Jesus has been strong for a long time and see this as probably one of the biggest attributes to the view that most people have of Christianity, that it is not alive and stuck in it's religious format of Sunday worship.

My heart is that the younger generation will defy the past and look beyond religion and follow Jesus wholeheartedly wherever they find themselves and not get too caught in some of the, often fruitless, religious avenues that the institutional church finds itself.

I didn't go into that too much but concentrated on a personal relationship with God and my prayer is that everyone who heard stuff over the weekend will focus on that more than anything.

I'm hoping to podcast mp3's of the messages here soon but for now I have a link to my notes on the first session. Feel free to copy it and do whatever with it, even use it for your own speaking if you want and change it around etc.

So here yah - Session 1

Feel free to comment on it as well - session 2 soon

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