Thursday, June 14, 2007

Everyone wants to leave

Well it seems that it's not just the Dog who wants to leave the Munyard fold of love and care, the horses also think that they have had enough!
As you may be able to tell, the horses in this photo look kind of tired, they would, at this time of the morning (approx 7.30am!), usually be fighting to get to their portion of feed. Not this morning as they were probably feeling tired and fat!
You see Glenn (sounds better in second tense) gets up at 5.45am before a day of manufacturing the magnificent Timbercrete blocks, so that he can feed the horses. This morning as per usual (well sometimes not usual) Glenn drives to the horse property at about 6.15 to give these lovely animals their morning breaky. Where we keep the feed is at the end of a gap in the fences which is a walkway through to the yards the horses are in. Glenn walks past the the walkway and looks to see the horses, hmmm he says to himself, they must be down the bottom (sometimes the view to the horses is obscured due to other sheds) 'nothing too unusual' he thinks. Glenn gets all the feed ready and walks to the tap to water the feed down where he can see the yards a bit better, hmmm he thinks to himself, they must be in their shelter, (things are starting to get little unusual now, they would normally be at the fence waiting to get their hay). Glenn pushes the barrow to the yards and still there's no sign of darling little horsey's . . . . 'oh crap!', Glenn says to himself, THE GATE IS OPEN! Although Glenn didn't say that about the gate he just thought it in is head. 'Oh crap' was definitely audible however.
So, not being the man from snowy river type horse handler, Glenn rings his horse handling wife only to find that his horse handling daughter picks up the phone and says that his horse handling wife is in the shower and can't talk right now! 'Well', Glenn said, 'tell her (the horse handling wife in the shower) that the gate is open to the horse yard and the horses are gone and I can't find them anywhere!' (that got her out pretty fast!)
Glenn knocked on the door of the home of the place where the horses live, the bleary eyed owner came to the door. Glenn said 'sorry to wake you but you haven't seen four horses by any chance coz the gate is open and they're gone!?' 'Mmmm . . . nup' came the reply, 'let me get changed out of the pj's and I'll help you out'.
So Glenn walked off to do some serious tracking. The concern was twofold, first that maybe they'd been flogged, second they've found there way on to a main Rd somewhere. The concerns were settled pretty soon by the evidence of multiple hoof tracks leading off to the back of the property. Now in the 4wd, Glenn sets off with his tracking buddy to find the lost herd. Glenn called the police to see if 4 horses had been reported around the area, the copper said 'nup only a case of someone hitting a kangaroo'. (sure it wasn't a dog hitting a kangaroo, Glenn thought)
So off over the vineyards and far away they are driving and tracking. After stopping many times to regain the hoof tracks they spotted them on a hill, a k or 2 from their home. Glenn and his tracking buddy drove up to them and found that they were actually in a backyard of someone else's property. They looked at them as if, 'what . . what's the trouble?'. All Glenn had in the car to lead them was a snatch strap 4wd. So he grabbed the leader and led them home. Hence the end of the story of the escaping horses.
We're still not sure what would've been more interesting for the people at which home the horses finished up, seeing four horses in their backyard or seeing a 4wd left there. Funny. . . . . . now.


Suzy Q said...

Well done horse handling husband of T's! Gr8 story; makes a nice change from the foster children horror stories I keep hearing about from friends. Keep taking good care of your flocks x2: family & animals!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome story! Made me laugh and laugh! You painted a picture in my mind on the extreme fun (NOT) it was to find runaway horses at an unearthly hour! Keep the stories coming! cheers, Annette