Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Butter wouldn't melt?

Well, you'd think that with a face like this that something this cute could never hurt a fly. Well . . . . . maybe not a fly . . . . . . . how about a chicken? . . . . . . . . . or maybe a kangaroo?
I guess she (Lara the family shepherd x ridgeback dog) kind of thinks that if we can have chicken and roo on the barbi, she can have it rare.
It all started when one day we came home and couldn't find two of our chickens. If you look at the 'My Pics' link, one of them, rest its soul,(if they have one) is in Hannah's hands as a chick. Well one of them is still nowhere to be found to this day, just one clue of a few cute chicken feathers over the fence. The other one came back, well actually not the whole one just half. One leg, one wing and no head. There is a hopping chicken around, also flying in circles, somewhere in our vicinity. If you see it let us know coz it owes us some eggs. But wait . . . . there's more to the tail of Lara the not so farm dog. On Sunday the family is in the car ready to head to our gathering of people who follow Jesus, I refuse to say 'going to church', it's a bit of a thing in our fam at the moment, and I called out to see where our wonder dog was and . . . nowhere to be seen or heard . . . . . . Great! So off we go. After a short drive, by now about 20 minutes has gone by since we noticed she was gone, we stumble across some quite stressful looking ladies walking their Rhodesian Ridgebacks among the vines. Totally identifying with their stress I asked them if they'd seen a dog. Yes was the reply 'we saw them,(I thought, them?) a dog chasing a kangaroo in that direction' (south east) and 'you need to get a bigger fence!!!!'
Oh NO!
So we drove on a 100 metres and looking to the left of the road was an awesome sight. Down an isle of vines was the biggest kangaroo I have ever seen, standing on it's back legs and tail as tall as it could, 8-9 feet tall, no joke, and Lara was just laying down panting at it's feet, paws, whatever they are. They were both stuffed. Obviously they had been hopping and running for some time, long enough that they couldn't go any further and the kangaroo had decided to turn and fight rather than run. This didn't suit Lara as she didn't care about anything that wasn't running/hopping anymore. I called her over to the fence, one of many that the two had just scaled, and she just flopped down and couldn't be bothered getting over. Her mouth was covered in slobber and she was puffing like I have never seen her before. I carried her to the car, took her home and TIED her up.
New fencing soon.
Dog not so cute anymore.
Don't let chickens out anymore.
Had roo on the barbi the other night.

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Susan M said...

I wonder whether Biscuit (our little fluff ball) would be up for catching roos??? (Just thought I'd let you know I love reading your blog to keep me up2date with what the Munyards r up 2...