Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Broken Hill and General Footy

At the start of the month Brod's and I traveled to Broken Hill for a couple of games of footy. Brody made it into the U13's South Adelaide Dev Squad which was a huge feat as he's a year younger than he should be so that's been cool. The team played the first game straight off the bus against the best from around the Broken Hill area. The boys had been on the bus for 6 hrs so to lose by only a couple of goals wasn't bad. The next game 2 days later was much better, the boys put in a very hard effort and came away with a good win. It was a great trip, good to get to know a few people and I helped out as a runner which was cool but I discovered I'm very unfit, aerobically anyway!
Coaching this year has been a blast. This will be the last year of coaching the 4/5's as next year Brody and most of the team will be 6/7's, so I'll probably coach them. I have to say that coaching footy is awesome! Being around people in this footy community is great. I have some close friends there now after coaching for the last couple of years and I would say that there are who some who are more like Jesus than some of those I have known in the past that have claimed to be.
As far as results go, the boys haven't lost a game, as a matter of fact they haven't won by less than about 9-10 goals, some by about 20. This is fun but in many ways they're getting a bit cocky and could do with some good competition, reality will hit next year I think / hope.

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