Monday, July 16, 2007

Switchfoot in Paradise?

Ok, I'm a bit miffed.
I heard a rumour from a pretty good source that Switchfoot were at one time invited to the Oz gospel Music Festival in Toowoomba and they turned the organisers down due to the fact that Switchfoot had said they don't do 'Christian Events'. Now I fully support this to the hilt. I would rather see Christians impacting our world in the world than saying they're a Christian and never leaving the comfort of the church pew. So I was pretty pumped to hear that Switchfoot wanted to have more of an outside impact than in. Now . . . I was pretty excited to hear that Switchfoot were coming here to Oz, then I read off the website that they are only playing at Youth Alive venues in a youth alive package, one of them here at Paradise Church - not happy.
Now lets just say Switchfoot are struggling for mainstream airplay on radio, which I think they are, is playing at these venues going to do them any favours? I don't think so. Who will also go to these venues and what will they be hit with when they're there? Will there be an alter call, a love offering?? What is this about, Switchfoot and their kingdom impact or Youth Alive and drawing a crowd? Is Switchfoot changing their tack, are they just interested in the $ more than the influence, if so then 'American Dream' is just a song with no meaning?
I'll be trying to get there coz I like their music so much, but I'm confused and not happy, wishing they were at a better venue.


Toby said...

So... help me out here bro... I'm a tad confused. They don't want to play a significant event like Toowoomba Gospel Music Festival, but they're doing a tour in Oz, at churches?

I'm just not seeing how playing Paradise is going to get a message out there? Who does this gig benefit apart from Paradise? (No doubt it will be a great gig of course)

Glenn Globber said...

Yep, could be a great gig . . . depending on a few things.
There may be a management change that could explain things. I've actually written to them but don't expect a reply.