Friday, September 14, 2007

Sports all round!

Well I'm kinda a sports freak in many ways, have been from a young age. Played footy and basketball until my knee decided to go in a different direction to where I wanted to go. Needless to say .. the end of competitive sport. It just so happened that at the young age of 21 I married a very zippy point guard and netballer. So you'd think that if we had some children they'd be loving sport. Well you'd be right! This is as good a bragging place as any so here goes.
Footy. . . . as a coach and Dad of player was very hot this year. The mighty Christies Beach Primary 4/5's were unbeaten! Not only that, they kicked an everage of 107 points per game, with a total of 1395 points for the 13 games played. Brody Kicked 30:10 for the season from playing primarily on the ball and no I didn't tank it so he kicked more. :)

Glenno in the middle - the big one - Brody's on my left arm (with the boofy hair!).

Gymnastics . . . . seems we have a new State champ in the fam! State championships for Shannon, Kirrily and Hannah was last weekend and they all did well!
Kirrily had a ball and came 8th overall with a 3rd on the bars in her Grade. Her team won the overall grade.

Shannon had a great weekend also and her team won the grade overall as well. Shannon also came a personal fourth overall.

Hannah had an awesome championships! In under 6 in her grade Hannah came first on the vault, 2nd on the beam and 4th on floor and took out the Grade as State champ, what a little trooper!

So we're very proud of our kids and their efforts, they have tried so hard and it's been awesome to watch them develop and we look forward to that more into the future. It's been a big year in sport! Go 'the Power' and bring on the cricket!

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