Sunday, September 30, 2007

Well that sucks!

What a shocker!
What a day to have a bad one. If only they put up a bit of a whimper? So many things to have a whinge about. You have to wonder whether it would've been better to bow out (pardon the pun) against West Coast with some sort of fight (although they still would've had a second chance) than to go out like this. All I can hope in, is that this will cause them to fight real hard next year and I guess it certainly has the potential to cause this team to want to prove something so . . . . look out in 08 . . . . please.


Mark Edwards said...

Its the teal I tell you, its the teal!!

Thank goodness we did not have to hear "we'll never stop stop stop, till were top top top!!"

seriously though, they must have done better this year than you expected.

Glenn Globber said...

Yep you're very right, they exceeded expectations by heaps! I guess though if you make it to a Grand Final you expect a game, especially when they had defeated them not too long ago. Oh well.
Look out for that Teal again in 08 they'll be a rampaging blur that'll turn any purple haze into a beautiful shade of pink. :)