Friday, October 12, 2007

ABC on Good Friday Footy

In relation to the next post on Good Friday Footy I found this:
"So what’s going on how is it such a remark can pass unremarked on national television? Is it perhaps that religion and in particular Christianity has lost its hold on the public imagination? That, a bit like Kim Beazley, the folk out there just aren’t listening anymore, and that as far as leadership is concerned, the condition is terminal? It’s not about hostility; it’s about indifference and perhaps even irrelevance. Christianity does not matter to most people because it has nothing to say to them. Or perhaps in a consumer culture, it has nothing to offer them?"
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Mark Edwards said...

considerably more people still go to church in Australia than go to the footy.

Churches that are meeting people where they are at (consumers) but then challenging them, and discipling them, are growing in Australia.

In my view, too many churches are stuck in a 1950's paradigm...where sunday is all there is.....

At BBC we try to take people on a journey, from consumer to committed disciple.

And in breaking news....the afl have voted against good I would like to sit down and watch a game on friday... and really have no problem with the afl staging a game on this day, but I think its good that society at large respect what is our most important church day.