Thursday, February 01, 2007

Is Tithing Biblically Correct?

This has always bothered me, tithing that is. I've never been absolutely comfortable with the whole deal and rarely spoke on it while preaching coz I was never 100% sure on it. Could Tithing be one of those things that we've been taught in Church circles yet haven't really studied it ourselves to see if it's actually Biblical?
Clicked on a link and came here It's a long read and I haven't finished it yet but I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts on this.


Nickers said...

Interesting read (ive only read part 1 cause it is ridiculously long).

He comes across very strong, but yet he didn't convince me that its un-scriptural, but encouraged me to give in a way...

Give what you have been blessed with (I've been blessed amazingly)
Give to the needy as Jacob did (for sure- but can we do this through the church...)
In the bible they only gave food stuff (how many of us work the land and have food as our livelihood?)

In todays world money is a big thing...its what makes the world go round. If we want to help the needy, and free the opressed, dont we need money of some description?

One body, many parts...can some people work and tithe so that others can work full time for the lord?

God wants 100%, not 10%. Amen to that. Lets not make giving about a number, but about the heart. Lets not be like the 'rich christians' that he describes...but use our money for God's glory and kingdom, not for ourselves. But just as Jacob gave because he was too will I (100%)!!!

And maybe i'll give 10% for the church to use as they will.

Toby said...

The question that immediately pops into my mind is this- When we so easily accept that the government is automatically entitled to 20-50% of everything we earn, why do we find it so difficult to turn some of what we've been blessed with to God?

Now whether to 'tithe' or to give a 'free-will offering'... symantics. We should be giving out of our gratefulness. If you have a regular income then a regular amount might be a suitable contribution. It's really up to our hearts- which paints a worrying picture of the body of Christ!

I'm certainly no saint in this matter, I find that regardless of what I'm earning, I find it difficult to give freely... even though I know all this.

Remember the widow- she gave only one coin. A penny perhaps. Yet she gave so much- it was all she had. I'm convinced that God won't honour the numerical value of what we give. He will instead honour the motives of the heart of the giver.