Friday, February 16, 2007

Helping out a Coffee Blogging co-blogger

Grendel, met him while blogging elsewhere, is in need of a hand. So if you love coffee and can help him out then that would be huge. He's raising funds to assist the Autism Association's Early Intervention Centre. If you have any ideas of how we can assist him here in SA,(grendel's in WA), that would be great.
As a starter I'm devoting the $ of all my iced coffee cartons to Grendel and his cause, if you have any iced coffee cartons then save them and get the cash and send them on or cans etc If there's any other ideas you have then lets hear em! Getting even more serious I may put aside all $ that I think of spending on Iced Coffee or that other nasty black n bubbly stuff and donate that towards beans for Grendel and drink water instead. If you'd like to join me then let me know.

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