Thursday, December 20, 2007

The BIG 3 . . . 7

Spent the day at the Zoo yesterday with the fam for the 37th Bday. Gotta say the big 4 . . 0 is creeping up way too fast for my liking. It all depends on the way you feel I guess and actually with my knee giving me curry and a stuffed shoulder 40's sounding about right. Actually . . . was carrying a couple of pavers a couple of days ago, walking between a couple of pallets and my foot became caught in between the pallets which sent me flying. Came off with a great graze on my shoulder and a lump on the good knee. I think this is what they mean when you get old and they say 'he had a fall'? I hope not! I'll put it down to pushing my body to the limit and living on the extreme edge, holding on to my youth and living to the full. Now, where's that ice pack?

1 comment:

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