Monday, December 17, 2007

Timbercrete Titans Rock the ICA

Okay, so footy season is well and over and Cricket season has well begun. I coach the U11's 'Timbercrete' Titans 1 indoor cricket team. There is a 2 and 3 team also, that means Timbercrete Titans shirts can be seen all over the place on Saturday mornings and they're bright!
Brod's plays in the team I coach and a few others from footy and other schools. They've been playing as a team now for approx 3 years, they're skilled and they know the game. This season, not unlike footy they are again undefeated. They played the second best team in the comp on Saturday, the Crushers and had some crushing inflicted upon them. In 16 overs the Titans 1 finished with a score of 175 runs. One of those batting pairs hit 65 runs off 4 overs. They were very pumped and thought it may have been a tight game, so you could see them putting in that extra effort in the field. The Crushers were dealt a flurry of great bowling, catching, throwing and wicket keeping to be all out for 49. Now it's time for a break, won't know what to do on Saturday mornings for a while, c'mon footy season!

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