Thursday, December 13, 2007

Out with the old and in with the new

Well it's been a few weeks now that Cuddles, the black cat, went missing.
We have come to understand that being in a more rural setting lends itself to certain mishaps that may not normally occur in suburbia concerning animals.
A night or two before Cuddles disappeared Teresea heard a very distressed chicken and found a couple in hiding. One of the chickens now has a limp from what we believe was a hungry fox mauling. She lives to lay another egg though, albeit now with a limp, the others were found and are at to their laying best again.
It is of my opinion therefore, that Cuddles, a cat (kitten then purchased from a suburban pet shop), was also unaware of the perils of country life and found herself in the jaws of that very same fox, never to return again.
This is mere speculation however, as I have some opposition to this theory as they (not to be mentioned for fear of incrimination) think I'm just after a good gory story.
My ground for this speculation though, I believe, is well founded. On that very afternoon we saw Cuddles, near the house, looking as happy as larry on our way out to indoor cricket training at approx 16.15 hrs and 20 sec's. Between the time we came home, approx 1800 hrs, and calling her for tea, 1900, at dusk, she had gone.
No sick cat from a snake bite, no run over cat from a car, no smells of rotting decay (you know) nothing, nada. It is upon these facts, and the fact that she always came in for food, that I believe she was taken, without a trace. . . . .
Anyway, that all over, now we have a new one! Molly. Get over it fast and move on, that's what I say. This one is far more street wise as it came from a countryfide home, next door, for nothing. Hopefully she'll give that fox a good run for its money and take a few mice out along the way.

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