Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Glenno's Footy Predictions 08

Funny thing that everyone seems to have written Port off this year, Inside Sport had Port sitting at 14th! Go Figure.

My prediction? A Port vs Geelong Grand Final reborn. Both teams have developed a fast running / attacking style of game that can blow away negative style tactics. I think they have the hop on other teams still trying to shut the game down or play defensive. Look out for some huge winning / losing margins this year, tipping a new record (yes . . . other than that horrible day last September) of winning margin, possibly Geelong / Port v Melbourne. I’m a bit concerned with Port’s defense, which won’t be an issue if they possess the ball enough and they do have some handy guys in defense stepping up.

Geelong are far from done after last year’s GF and actually have the possibility, in my opinion, of being up there for the next few seasons. With the likes of Bartel, Gary Ablett, & Joel Corey still in the young era, they have plenty ahead of them.

I’m with Markedly on the boot to Terry, that’s like a gimme. Anyone else going? What about Neil Craig? I think the Crows, despite good pre-season performance, will be lucky to make the top 10. They have left development way too late and injuries will get the better of the oldies in 2008.

Sainters are looking the goods but against Port they have a shocking record. When they come to finals they crumble unless they pip the cats and meet Port in the GF.

Some other predictions....

1. Wallace will get the boot well before round 12 and Melbourne will win the most unwanted spoon in the AFL not far from Richmond. Melbourne has a struggling list and need a financial boost. I think their coach is great but without support not sure where it will go except for bottom of the heap.

2. Collingwood and Mick Malthouse? Don’t see them going to well either, make way for Bucks! Lookout also for our friendly Cousins fella wooing his way into the Magpie Flock.

3. Johnothan Brown or Buddy Franklin for Coleman Medalist, Port play too much of a team game and have too many scorers for one man to take the prize. :)

4. The AFL will declare that Eagles are on their last chance for the 23rd time and Fevola will be given 10 more slaps on the bottom before he is made captain and mayor of Melbourne!

5. Ladder Prediction 2008: Cats, Power, Saints, Freo, Hawks, Eagles, Bulldogs, Swans, Nth Melb, Lions, Blues, Bombers, Magpies, Crows, Tigers, Demons.

6. Watch out for Marlon Motlop for the rising star award.

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Mark Edwards said...

I think Port suprised everyone last year...cant see them repeating that....Tredrea's a lug... :)

Agree about Melbourne...
dont think Richmond would do it that soon...but you never know with the 'tear ourselves apart" tiges...

T said...

Personally, I reckon the Eagles will come second or third at the end of the year, and Port will be fifth.. I reckon the Crows might surprise people, but not by doing well...

... but then I don't know anything about footy, so I'm just using blind intuition. Which is a lot more fun!

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