Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recipe 1

Ok. . . . Thought I'd start a recipe line of blog. At the moment I'm house wife and husband, yes she has deserted me for a week! Oh and left the children behind as well . . . . . You'd think if your wife wanted a relaxing time away they'd take the kids for peace of mind!?
Anyway . . I like cooking and there's a few recipes I'd like to share like this one today, a real masterpiece, a work of art.
Good ol Spag Bog!

  1. Buy an amount of spaghetti from the shop and boil some of it. If there's too much boiled, feed it to the dog, if too little, your stuffed and will have to give up your share to feed the kids!
  2. Buy some mince meat, probably no less than 500gms, well for us that is.
  3. Fry it.
  4. Buy some Dolmios or Leggos bolognase sauce.
  5. After mince is browned, chuck the sauce in and let it simmer.
  6. Grate some cheese, whatever is in the fridge.
  7. If you want to be healthy, cook some vegies like Broccoli or carrots for on the side.
  8. Once the Spag seems right, drain the water off and serve it out.
  9. Stick the meat sauce on top and throw some grated cheese on.
  10. Eat
If you make stacks you can freeze it and have it every night while the Mrs is away. Saves heaps of dishes! The kids only start grumbling after 3 days and then they get use to it.
They may be a little larger than when she left but I just see it as helping Mum to be more appreciated when she comes back!
Stay tuned for more riveting recipes in the future!


Mark Edwards said...

You really are a true Port supporter....as blue colour as you can get.

Try some fresh crushed tomatoes, some good tomatoe paste, with fresh basil, oregano a decent dash of red wine and even some sweet chilli sauce.

for cheese use fresh parmesan, not that disgusting dry stuff, but fresh....

Glenn Globber said...

Wanna fight about it!? and it's Teal! Crikey!

Mark Edwards said...

mmmmm.....your not doing much to dispell the generalisation! :)

(teal sheeesh...)

ytryeyre said...

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