Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not Just Big Fevola

Was watching Footy Confidential last night and the latest Brendon Fevola undisciplined action has come out about him causing some issues at a restaurant in Melbourne. The 'Confidential' team raised the issue of him being there at the time of 4.15am.
The issue now is whether or not he will be suspended for his action, probably according to his priors.
This gets me riled!
Here is a man who is on the leadership team of a an AFL club, he has great influence whether directly or indirectly and his action or discipline, or lack of, sets a standard.
This isn't just about Fev though this is about all players in all teams and the standards that the clubs set down.
What really gets up my goat though was that a former player would say that he shouldn't be suspended and not punish the whole team for one man's actions! This is where it becomes interesting. Why? Because I feel that this is where it becomes more about winning in the short term and $$$$ than the overall effectiveness of the club for the future.
Really it shouldn't matter who the player is, (and if this was one Carlton's rookies it would be interesting) there should be a standard, a high standard and if the leadership group are undisciplined it should carry a higher penalty.

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